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Table 3 Overview of costs of the PRO-FIT intervention in Euros per participant

From: An economic evaluation alongside a randomized controlled trial evaluating an individually tailored lifestyle intervention compared with usual care in people with Familial Hypercholesterolemia

Cost category Included resources Cost prices per unita Costs per participant
 Developmental costs of brochure and coaching logs Content development (30 h) by junior researcher
Concept development/graphic design (24 h) by graphic designer
Final development (12 h) by brochure designer
€ 35.75/h
€ 75/h
€ 65/h
Є 2.80
 Computer-based part of intervention, including website and application for providing computer-tailored advice Web development (12 h) by web-developer
Registration website (once)
Development/adjustment tailoring application by junior researcher (216 h)
Account tailoring application
€ 65/h
€ 53.95§
€ 35.75/h
€ 3,930.25§
Є 5.44
 Brochures, logs, website and tailoring application Printing of brochure/coaching logs
Hosting website
Hosting tailoring application
€ 0.10/piece
€ 119.40/year§
€ 171/year§
Є 1.64
Implementation based on 2,700 participants and an implementation period of 5 years
 Training of lifestyle coaches A 3-day Motivational Interviewing workshop
5 lifestyle coaches, 3 days, 8 h/day
Supervisor, 3 days, 8 h/day
€ 5,100§
€ 38.38/h
€ 35.75/h
Є 3.94
 Supervision of lifestyle coaches (10 meetings of 2 h each) Meeting rooms rental costs
5 lifestyle coaches
€ 11.50/room/h§
€ 38.38/h
€ 35.75/h
Є 1.77
 Counselling 1 face-to-face counselling session (45 min) by lifestyle coach
5 telephone booster sessions (15 min/session) by lifestyle coach
Administrative work (25 min/participant) by lifestyle coach
Travelling (82 km/participant and 1 h/participant)
€ 38.38/h
€ 38.38/h
€ 38.38/h
€ 0.20/km
€ 38.38/h
Є 147.64
Total intervention costs    Є 163.13
  1. hrs hours, mins minutes.
  2. aSalary costs were derived from the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Academic Medical Centers (CAO UMC) 2010 (for junior researcher, lifestyle coach and supervisor), or by price offers from web developers, graphic/brochure designers.
  3. §Costing was based on invoices/price offers.