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Table 9 Factors related with perception in the operating theatre and intra operative management

From: Patient satisfaction with anaesthesia services and associated factors at the University of Gondar Hospital, 2013: a cross-sectional study

S. no. Questions Possible response
301. How was the reception of the anaesthetist in the operation theatre? 1. Good
2. Bad
302. Did you feel pain during induction of anaesthesia? 1. Yes
2. No
303. Did the anaesthetist consider your privacy in the operation theatre? 1. Yes
2. No
304. Did you feel pain during operation? 1. Yes
2. No
305. Did you feel pain immediately after operation? 1. Yes
2. No
306. Did you remember anything during the intraoperative period (for general anaesthesia)? 1. Yes
2. No
307. If your answer is ‘’Yes’’ for Q306
 1. What is the last thing you remember before going to sleep? 1.______________
 2. What is the first thing you remember after waking up? (we used this question for analysis) 2.______________
 3. Do you remember anything between going to sleep and waking up? (possible answers: yes, no); If you do, what is it? (light, sound, pain, dyspnoea, etc.) 3.______________
 4. Did you dream during surgery? (yes, no), If so, what did you dream about? 4.______________
 5. What was the worst thing that you remember about surgery and anaesthesia? 5.______________