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Table 1 Characteristics of included risk calculators

From: Variation among cardiovascular risk calculators in relative risk increases with identical risk factor increases

Risk calculator Composite outcome Time frame Include diabetes Design Country Cohort data used
Edinburgh (Framingham CVD) [9] CVD 10 (can choose) Yes Web UK Framingham
Edinburgh (ASSIGN) [9] CVD 10 Yes Web UK ASSIGN
Primary CVD risk calculator [10] CVD 10 Yes Web UK Framingham
Framingham Heart Study [11] CVD 10 Yes Web USA Framingham
QRISK2-2011 [12] CVD 10 Yes Web UK GP data in UK
Progetto Cuore [13] CVD 10 Yes Web Italy Longitudinal Italian Studies
JBS Assessor [14] CVD 10 No Download UK Framingham
Edinburgh (BNF) [9] CVD 10 No Web UK BNF
Reynolds Risk Score [15] CVD 10 No Web USA Reynolds
Australian absolute CVD risk [16] CVD 5 No (ranges for diabetes) Web Australia National Vascular Disease Prevention Alliance
New Zealand know your numbers [17] CVD 5 Yes Web New Zealand Framingham
UKPDS risk engine [18] CHD 10 Yes Download UK UKPDS
i-phone STAT ATPIII lipid management [19] CHD 10 No i-phone USA Framingham
Edinburgh (Framingham CHD) [9] CHD 10 Yes Web UK Framingham
PROCAM health check [20] CHD 10 Yes Web Germany German Data
National cholesterol Education Program [21] CHD (MI) 10 No Web USA Framingham