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Box 2 Model survey

From: Program directors’ perceptions of importance of pediatric procedural skills and resident preparedness

Gaies et al. developed a survey based on the American Residency Review Committee’s (RRC) guidelines for procedural training. It included items about the importance of 29 procedures encountered in US pediatric training, estimates of residents’ preparedness in performing them, and the teaching of procedural skills. They collected (1) information about the perceived importance for residents to achieve preparedness in these procedures, rated on a 10 point Likert scale; (2) perception of resident preparedness to perform procedures; and (3) educational methods used by respondents for teaching procedural skills. With permission from Gaies et al., we developed our questionnaire using their survey as a template. We assessed the same 3 areas assessed by Gaies et al., and added documentation of skills as an additional item. We replaced the US RRC required procedures with the Canadian RCPSC pediatric procedures