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Table 3 Summary of subcategories and categories

From: Medical screening in dental settings: a qualitative study of the views of authorities and organizations

Subcategory Category
Dentistry as the preferable context to perform medical screening in the society
A need for evidence-based medical screening in the society
Medical screening ought to be established in the society
Dental hygienists and dental nurses are the most relevant professions to perform medical screening
Dental care requires supplemented competence and national guidelines to perform medical screening
Essential competence could preferably be obtained through postgraduate studies
Dentistry must have relevant competence to perform medical screening
Medical screening requires a responsibility to inform and direct the patient but not to follow up general diseases
Medical screening initiates and improves the cooperation between dental and health care
Medical screening requires cooperation between dentistry and health care
Equal costs for the patient wherever medical screening is performed
Optional to provide medical screening in dental settings
Dentistry is not the only context where medical screening could be performed