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Fig. 4

From: A prospective pilot study of detection of sentinel lymph nodes in gynaecological cancers using a novel near infrared fluorescence imaging system

Fig. 4

Intra-operative fluorescence imaging. a Laparoscopic fluorescence imaging of ICG in a woman with endometrial cancer showing lymphatic vessels (yellow arrow heads,  top) and a SLN (yellow arrow,  bottom). b Percutaneous (top) and intra-operative (bottom) imaging of a ~20 mm deep SLN (yellow arrow) in vulval cancer using the wide-field imaging system. c Lymphatic co-localisation (yellow arrow heads) of MB (top) and ICG (bottom) following uterine and cervical injection, respectively, in a woman with endometrial cancer. d Para-aortic SLN (yellow arrow) fluorescence detection in a woman with endometrial cancer following uterine subserosa injection of ICG

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