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Fig. 2

From: FOXM1 and polo-like kinase 1 are co-ordinately overexpressed in patients with gastric adenocarcinomas

Fig. 2

FOXM1 protein expression in gastric tissue assessed by immunohistochemistry. a Tissue microarrays stained by FOXM1 antibody showing normal epithelium, negative, low, moderate and high staining of gastric adenocarcinoma at ×20 and ×40. b The proportion of patients in each category with negative-low FOXM1 staining (white bar) and moderate-high FOXM1 staining (black bar) is shown. c Boxplot of FOXM1 protein expression in gastric tissue. Median values of FOXM1 expression are indicated for each tissue type (indicated by horizontal bar). **P value <0.01. d The histogram demonstrates FOXM1 expression (grouped as negative, low, moderate or high) in relation to AJCC stage as assessed by immunohistochemistry

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