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Table 1 Immunohistochemical panel of monoclonal antibodies used in this study

From: Solitary langerhans cell histiocytosis in an adult: case report and literature review

Antigen Antibody Dilution Specificity Results
S-100 Lyophilized polyclonal, biocare 1:400 Langerhans cells, cells of the peripheral nervous system, melanocytes and tumor cells derived from these cell lines +
CD1a Monoclonal, novocastra 1:600 Langerhans cells, cell surfaces of cortical thymocytes and interdigitating dendritic cells +
CD-68 Monoclonal mouse antibody specificity for human CD-68 antigen, dako 1:10,000 Langerhans cells, mononuclear phagocyte system +
CD45RO Monoclonal mouse antibody specificity for human CD45RO antigen, dako 1:800 T lymphocytes, CD4 lymphocytes and thymocytes +
Pan-cytokeratin Monoclonal mouse antibody anti-human cytokeratin, novocastra 1:400 Human cytokeratin human, identification of cells of simple and stratified epithelial origin
Melanoma marker (HMB45) Lyophilized monoclonal novocastra 1:200 Retinal epithelium, melanocytes and non-melanocytic cells
Melanina A Lyophilized monoclonal; novocastra 1:200 Cytotoxic T lymphocytes
  1. + Positivity
  2. Negative