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Table 6 Comparison of published research and SLV-PSP priorities

From: Macular disease research in the United Kingdom 2011–2014: a bibliometric analysis of outputs, performance and coverage

Rank Priority Number Percentage
1 Can a treatment to stop dry AMD progressing and/or developing into the wet form be devised? 34 8.0
2 What is the cause of AMD? 96 22.7
3 How can AMD be prevented? 2 0.5
4 Are there ways of restoring sight loss for people with AMD? 1 0.2
5 Can the development of AMD be predicted? 19 4.5
6 What is the most effective way to detect and monitor the progression of early AMD? 54 12.8
7 What factors influence the progression of AMD? 1 0.2
8 Can a non-invasive therapy be developed for wet AMD? 11 2.6
9 Can dietary factors, nutritional supplements, complementary therapies or lifestyle changes prevent or slow the progression of AMD? 23 5.4
10 What are the best enablement strategies for people with AMD? 11 2.6
  Articles that do not match any of the JLA priorities. Most were concerned with wet AMD 144 34.0
  Uncertain 1 0.2
  Stargardt’s dystrophy—the SLV-PSP list was only for AMD 26 6.1