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Table 6 Results of Problem Areas in Diabetes

From: A needs assessment of people living with diabetes and diabetic retinopathy

  PAID (n = 26) m = 4.2, SD 9.72, range min. 55–max. 95  
1. I have no clear plan for the long term control of my diabetes 4.3
2. I feel discouraged about the treatment of my diabetes 4.7
3. I feel anxious when I think about living with my diabetes 4.7
4.  Unpleasant social situations can come from living with diabetes (for instance, others telling me what to eat) 4.0
5.  I have the feeling that I should miss food and meals 4.4
6.  I feel depressed when I think about living with diabetes 3.3
7. I don’t know whether my mood depends on the level of my blood sugar 3.9
8.  I have the feeling that my diabetes is controlling my life 4.3
9. I am worried about low blood sugar levels 4.2
10. I am angry when I think about living with diabetes 3.4
11. I am worried about food and meals all the time 4.1
12. I am worried about the future and the risk of suffering from serious problems because of having diabetes 3.7
13. I have the feeling that friends and family are not supporting my efforts to control my diabetes 4.5
14. I feel guilty or worried when my diabetes gets out of control 3.5
15. I can’t accept my diabetes 4.5
16. I feel left alone with my diabetes 4.8
17. I feel ‘burnt out’/tired because of my ongoing efforts in controlling my diabetes 4.5
18. I can’t handle the problems caused by my diabetes 4.2
19. I am not satisfied with my relationship with my doctor/my nurse who are treating my diabetes 4.7