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Table 1 C. elegans genes with P. pacificus one-to-one ortholog, which showed intestine -enriched expression in both nematodes

From: Comparative transcriptomics of the nematode gut identifies global shifts in feeding mode and pathogen susceptibility

Sequence ID Gene symbol P. pacificus ortholog Description
Y65B4BR.6 grl-16 Contig60-snapTAU.52 Hedgehog-like protein
C45B2.7 ptr-4 Contig56-snapTAU.40 Hedgehog receptor protein
F46G10.5 ptr-24 Contig85-snapTAU.55 Hedgehog receptor protein
W04G3.8 lpr-3 Contig50-snapTAU.173 Lipid transporter
W04G3.2 lpr-5 Contig50-snapTAU.171 Lipid transporter
T14B4.6 dpy-2 Contig5-snapTAU.522 Collagen
F46C8.6 dpy-7 Contig56-snapTAU.167 Collagen
Y69A2AR.4 smf-3 Contig11-snapTAU.428 Metal ion transporters
W07G1.3 zip-3 Contig41-snapTAU.107 bZip transcription factor
C50B6.7 NA Contig43-snapTAU.73 Amylase
Y71H2AM.13 NA Contig11-snapTAU.568 Carboxylesterase
H04M03.4 glf-1 Contig109-snapTAU.67 UDP-galactopyranose mutase
F30H5.3 NA Contig11-snapTAU.188 Peptidase inhibitor
F31D4.5 NA Contig20-snapTAU.138 Unknown
ZK682.5 lron-2 Contig41-snapTAU.192 Unknown