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Fig. 1

From: Unbiased profiling of volatile organic compounds in the headspace of Allium plants using an in-tube extraction device

Fig. 1

Visual phenotypes of the Allium samples used in this study. a A. chinense (rakkyo, class08 in Table 1 and Fig. 4). b A. fistulosum (spring onion, class01), c A. fistulosum (green spring onion, class 02), d A. fistulosum (scallion, class03), e A. fistulosum (green spring onion, class04), f A. fistulosum (white spring onion, class05), g A. fistulosum (leek, class06), h A. fistulosum (leek, class07), i A. fistulosum (scallion, class09), j A. fistulosum (spring onion, class11), k A. tuberosum (Oriental garlic, class10), l A. fistulosum (red spring onion, class12). The red and white areas of the scale bar are 5 cm

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