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Table 1 Categories and structure for data capture

From: NetCapDB: measuring bioinformatics capacity development in Africa

Main categories Conceptual variables Operational variables
Research capacity Scientific productivity Number of peer-reviewed papers, node-centric and per individual.
Scientific communication Number of invited talks, plenary lectures
Number of oral presentations at international conferences
Number of posters at international conferences
Personnel capacity Academic capacity Listing of academic node members with qualifications, affiliations
IT resources Listing of IT personnel
Skills capacity Listing of skills, per individual
Collaboration Involvement in H3ABioNet Project involvement, node-centric and per individual
H3ABioNet working group activity H3ABioNet working group involvement per individual
Involvement in H3Africa research projects Listing of H3Africa project participation
H3Africa active engagement H3Africa working group involvement per individual
Within Africa collaboration Travel undertaken, origin and destination
Number of co-authorships with other African Scientists
Number of collaborative projects ongoing, African and other
Professional engagement List of professional society membership, per individual
Additional funding Sustainability and increased capacity for funding leverage Sources of personnel funding other than H3ABioNet
Sources of research funding other than H3ABioNet
Grants currently held, per individual and per node
Funding sources, per individual and per node
Education and training Training of students Number of M.Sc and Ph.D students currently registered, supervisors
Number of M.Sc and Ph.D students graduating annually
Staff training activities Courses taught (person-days), node-centric and per individual
Courses attended (person-days) per individual
Hosting training and workshops Courses hosted
Infrastructure Quality of internet access Up/down bandwidth
Videoconferencing facilities Videoconferencing equipment
Computing power Number and type of cores and associated RAM
Equipment Number of computers, laptops and terminals
In-house training facilities Numbers, size and facilities of classrooms
Number of training workstations