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Fig. 1

From: Automated PGP9.5 immunofluorescence staining: a valuable tool in the assessment of small fiber neuropathy?

Fig. 1

Counting rules according to the GS-EFNS (1) and LDT (2). Modifications to the gold standard counting rule for intra epidermal nerve fibers (IENF) are depicted to include IENF fragments (_F) detected as single fibers (_Si) or branching (_Br). Red PGP9.5, blue Hoechst, dashed line dermal-epidermal junction. 1 IENF; 1A IENF_Si; 1B IENF_Br; 2 IENF_F; 2A IENF_FSi; 2B IENF_FBr. (Scale bar 20 µm)

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