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Table 2 Hazard ratios (HR), 95 % confidence intervals (CI) and p values for breast and endometrial cancer analysis in relation to EIG121 STR lengths

From: A novel polymorphic repeat in the upstream regulatory region of the estrogen-induced gene EIG121 is not associated with the risk of developing breast or endometrial cancer

Category Statistical test Breast cancer Endometrial cancer
HR (95 % CI) p value HR (95 % CI) p value
Both allele lengths with cancer risk Mann–Whitney U test N/A 0.985 N/A 0.262
Both allele lengths with age at diagnosis Cox proportional hazard regression 0.994 (0.981–1.007) 0.343 1.006 (0.995–1.017) 0.304
Both allele lengths with age at diagnosis (BMI considered) Cox proportional hazard regression N/A N/A 1.003 (0.992–1.015) 0.572
Allelic analysis (S/L) Pearson’s Chi squared test N/A 0.185 N/A 0.393
Genotypic analysis (SS/SL/LL) Fisher’s exact test N/A 0.102 N/A 0.545