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Table 1 Overview of the implemented recruitment strategies in each Moluccan district

From: Involving hard-to-reach ethnic minorities in low-budget health research: lessons from a health survey among Moluccans in the Netherlands

Moluccan district Strategy (N) Key informants Indirect recruitment strategies Direct recruitment strategies
N Activea Announcement letter Local media Social media Community organizations Information meeting Door-to-door
Maastricht 2 5 Yes X      X
Den Helder 2 1 Yes X     X  
Bovensmilde 4 4 Yes X    X X X
Lunteren 3 3 Yes X X X    
Breukelen 3 1 No X X    X  
Waalwijk 2 1 Yes X      X
Nistelrode 4 2 Yes X X X   X  
Middelburg 0 1 Yes       
Oost-Souburg/Vlissingen 4 1 No X X X   X  
Zwolle 2 3 No X      X
Vught 1 1 Yes    X    
Assen 2 5 No X   X    
Capelle a/d Ijssel 4 0 No X X X    X
Ridderkerk 1 2 No    X    
Groningen 1 2 No X      
Hoogeveen 2 2 No    X X   
Vaassen 5 2 Yes X X X X X  
Wierden 2 1 No    X   X  
Breda 1 1 No X      
  1. aActivity level: key informants were considered to be ‘active’ if they made major effort during the recruitment process (see text for the details)