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Fig. 5

From: Development of a high throughput drug screening assay to identify compounds that protect oligodendrocyte viability and differentiation under inflammatory conditions

Fig. 5

Analysis of the cytokine OL protection assay of the NCC compound library. A Dot plot representation of the entire high-throughput screening data set used to identify promoters OL survival. The mean response is indicated by the blue solid line. The black dotted line delineates the value of three standard deviations above the mean. The red dotted line in delineates the ≥50 % positive control selection criteria. B Scatter plot representation of the high-throughput screening assay window. Using the QTP/DMSO ratio as the window of OL survival, the ratio of the positive (QTP) to negative (DMSO) controls is depicted in the scatterplot. The red line delineates the mean average ratio value for the entire NCC library screen = 1.3. The numbers above the scatter indicate the coefficient of variation (CV) for each plate. CV values <20 ± 5 were considered in the acceptable range. Each point is an average value from each screening plate (n = 4 wells, mean ± SEM). Inset depicts consistency of cytokine insult for the entire library with a mean average value of 1.4. C An overlapping representation of raw AB values of DMSO and QTP for each library screening plate. The inset depicts a statistical analysis of the raw AB values for the entire NCC library. D Summary tally of hits from the NCC library screen

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