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Fig. 2

From: A high throughput drug screening assay to identify compounds that promote oligodendrocyte differentiation using acutely dissociated and purified oligodendrocyte precursor cells

Fig. 2

Acute OL differentiation assay quantification and validation. a Left panels, Full field images of acutely isolated and purified OPCs were differentiated for 4 days in the presence or absence of thyroid hormone (T3) and immunostained with anti-MBP antibodies. Center panels, digital masks were created using IN Cell software depicting the extent of threshold MBP staining of the images at left. Right panels, DAPI stained nuclei of the identical image filed at left. Bar = 200 µm. b The dose response activity of T3. Asterisk (*) denotes P values versus DMSO of <0.05, t test. Inset, the consistency and significance of T3 activity taken from eight independent plates. c The dose response curve and EC50 determination for T3 OL differentiation-promoting activity was calculated (16 fields per concentration, mean ± SEM)

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