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Fig. 1

From: De novo synthesis of fatty acids is regulated by FapR protein in Exiguobacterium antarcticum B7, a psychrotrophic bacterium isolated from Antarctica

Fig. 1

EMSA assay for the FapR protein. a Representation of the fapR-plsX-fabD-fabG operon region. The genes are represented by arrows. The genomic position of the genes is indicated in base pairs at the edge of the figure. The two DNA sequences (amplified and synthesized) used for the EMSA assay are represented by dotted lines with their respective sizes. b Sequence of the fapR-plsX-fabD-fabG promoter amplified by PCR. Arrows indicate the 17-bp palindromic sequence, and the start codon of the fapR gene is indicated by the square. c Native PAGE gel of FapR bound to promoters of the fapR and fabH1 operons. The DNA-protein interaction is indicated by the decreased migration of the samples containing the mixture of the regulatory protein with the promoter compared with the negative control (promoter only). (d) Native PAGE gel of the FapR protein at different concentrations incubated with the promoter region of the fapR-plsX-fabD-fabG operon synthesized only up to the protein-binding palindrome. Regardless of increases in protein concentration, the protein–DNA interaction was not observed

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