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Table 1 Examples of variables collected in the TAC datasets

From: Compensation Research Database: population-based injury data for surveillance, linkage and mining

Group Variables
Claimant De-identified claim number generated by ISCRR
Age at the time of accident
Date of death
Claim status
Role in road accident (e.g. driver, passenger, motorcyclist, pedestrian, cyclist etc.)
Index of relative socio-economic advantage and disadvantage (IRSAD)
Accessibility and remoteness index of Australia (ARIA)
Injury Date of accident
Local government area of accident
Injury types (e.g. quadriplegia, brain injury, fractures, whiplash etc.)
Glasgow Coma Scale (only for severe brain injury)
Post traumatic amnesia days (only for severe brain injury)
Total length of hospital stay
Payment De-identified payment number generated by ISCRR
Amount paid by the TAC for the service
Service start date
Benefit type code (e.g. loss of earnings, doctor, physiotherapy, psychology etc.)
Item code and service description