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Table 1 MTR data items

From: Improving outcomes for hospital patients with critical bleeding requiring massive transfusion: the Australian and New Zealand Massive Transfusion Registry study methodology

Health information services Transfusion history Laboratory test results
Facility identifier Facility identifier  
Medical record number Medical reference number pO2
Surname, first name Name pCO2
Date of birth Date of birth pH
Gender Gender H Ion concentration
Admission number Product lot number Calculated bicarbonate
Episode of care number Type of product: RBC, platelets, fresh frozen plasma, cryoprecipitate, Prothrombinex-VF, fibrinogen concentrate, rFVIIa Sodium potassium chloride
Episode sequence number Donation number Anion gap
Date of hospital admission Expiry date of product Measured ionised calcium
Time hospital admission Unit ABO Base deficit (or excess)
Date of episode of care admission Only products issued (and not returned) or transfused  
Time of episode of care admission Number of units or volume issued INR
Completion date of episode of care Place issued i.e. ward, theatre, ICU Prothrombin time
Completion time of episode of care Date issued APTT
Date of death or discharge Time issued Fibrinogen level
Time of death or discharge The age of the blood issued D-Dimer (if available)
Name of transferring hospital
 Admission type   Haemoglobin
 Discharge unit   White blood cell count
 Patient status at discharge   Platelet count
 Transfer destination   Red blood cell count
 Hospital length of stay (hrs)   Haematocrit
 ICU length of stay (hrs)   MCV
 Ventilation time   MCHC
 Primary clinical specialty   
 Sequence of diagnoses codes   Sodium
 ALL diagnoses ICD-10-AM codes   Potassium
 Descriptions of diagnoses codes   Chloride
 Qualifier for each ICD-10-AM code   Bicarbonate
 Condition onset flag   Urea
 ALL procedure ACHI codes   creatinine
 Descriptions of procedure codes   
 Procedure dates   Bilirubin
 Sequence of procedure codes   ALP
 DRG type   ALT
   Gamma GT
   Protein Total
   Positive or negative for bacterial infection
   Estimated glomerular filtration rate
   Blood group and antibody screen
  1. ICU intensive care unit, ICD10 international classification of disease 10, ACHI Australian classification of health interventions, DRG diagnosis-related group, RBC red blood cells, rFVIIa recombinant activated factor VIIa, INR international normalised ratio, APTT activated partial thromboplastin time, MCV mean cell volume, MCHC mean cell haemoglobin content, ALP alkaline phosphatase, ALT alanine phosphatase, Gamma GT gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase