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Table 2 Seroprevalence of CMV-specific IgG and IgM antibodies among newborn and their mother (n = 312) in St.Paul’s Hospital millennium Medical College, Addis Ababa, 2015

From: Maternal and Congenital cytomegalovirus infection and zero rubella IgM prevalence in newborns in St.Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College

Immune response Number % Interpretation
IgM(+) newborn 2 (1.3) Recent infection
IgG(+) IgM(−) mother 141 (90.4) Previous exposure
IgG(+) IgM(+) mother 8 (5.1) Active (primary/latent) infection
IgG(−) IgM(−) mother 7 (4.5) Susceptible for primary infection