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Table 2 Details of the gene structures of the paralogous form of DAG1 (DAG1a) present in species of teleostei and cyclostomata

From: An evaluation of the evolution of the gene structure of dystroglycan

Species Exon1 (Pre-ATG exon) (bp) Intron1 (pre-ATG intron) (bp) Exon2 (ATG exon) (bp) Intron2 (IG1-intron) (bp) Exon3 (bp) Intron3 (S6 mini-intron) (bp) Exon4 (includes stop codon) (bp) Gene accession code Code name & notes
Chordata (teleostei)
 G. morhua b b b b 480 384 1824a ENSGMOG00000003333 >Gm2
 X. maculatus b b 210 9155 459 726 1806a ENSXMAG00000012250 >Xm2
 T. rubripes b b 336 2795 403 137 1827a ENSTRUG00000002580 >Tr2 1 add. 5′ intron (?)
Chordata (cyclostomata)
 P. marinus b b 159 2684 975 126c 1356a ENSPMAG00000009628 >Pm2
  1. aThe genome-predicted sequence ends at the stop codon
  2. bNot present or not annotated (see Fig. 1b for schematic details)
  3. cA mini-intron is not present in S6 but within the mucin-like region