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Table 2 Over-represented biological processes identified by PANTHER

From: Differential expression of genes related to gain and intake in the liver of beef cattle

Biological process GO annotation Number of genes Expected number of genes Nominal P value
Transport GO:0006810 61 48.86 4.06E−02
Ion transport GO:0006811 24 14.13 9.09E−03
Cation transport GO:0006812 22 11.39 2.93E−03
Carbohydrate metabolic process GO:0005975 20 10.94 7.92E−03
Mitosis GO:0007067 13 6.79 2.09E−02
Polysaccharide metabolic process GO:0005976 11 3.5 9.62E−04
Nucleobase-containing compound transport GO:0015931 7 2.27 8.56E−03
Sensory perception GO:0007600 5 12.14 1.74E−02