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Table 2 Clinical features of group A streptococcus pyomyositis

From: Thigh pyomyositis caused by group A streptococcus in an immunocompetent adult without any cause

Age (years) Sex Tropical Underlying condition Area of infection Single or multiple lesions Blood cultures ICU stay Antibiotics Treatment duration (days) Drainage Prognosis Reference
2 M No None Left thigh Positive 2nd cef, PCG, aminoglycoside 40 Surgical Recovered [9]
2 M No None Right iliac muscle Single Negative No 21 No Recovered [10]
4 M No Autism Left psoas/thigh Multiple Positive Yes CTRX, VCM → PCG, CLDM Surgical Recovered [11]
5 F No None Right thigh Single Negative No Oxacillin Surgical Recovered [12]
8 M No None Neck [13]
9 M No None Right iliopsoas Multiple Positive No 33 Surgical Recovered [11]
17 M Yes Multiple Positive Recovered [14]
19 M No None Right thigh and left knee Multiple No PCG Surgical Recovered [15]
23 M Yes Left arm Single Negative Recovered [14]
24 F No None Right neck Single Negative No CEZ 28 Surgical Recovered [27]
26 F No None Left thoraco-abdominal muscle Multiple Negative Yes Ticarcillin-clavulanate → PCG 7 Surgical Recovered [5]
30 F No None Left hand and both thighs Multiple Positive Yes CTRX, CLDM Recovered [16]
31 M Yes None Left psoas Negative PCG No Recovered [17]
33 F No DM Left axilla Single Negative No PCG 20 Surgical Recovered [17]
38 F No None Right shoulder/arm Multiple Negative No PCG 11 Surgical Recovered [19]
40 F No None Multiple Positive Died [20]
44 F No None Left calf/knee Multiple CTX, metro, PCG → PCG Surgical Recovered [21]
48 M No None Left neck Single Negative No Ticarcillin-clavulanate, CLDM → PCG 28 Surgical Recovered [18]
49 F No None Right arm PCG Died [22]
52 M No None Left thigh Single No Cloxacillin, PCG 6 Surgical Recovered [23]
53 M No None Left calf Positive PCG, aminoglycoside Died [20]
67 M No None Left thigh CEZ → PCG 10 Surgical Recovered [24]
76 M No IPF Right biceps Single Positive Yes PCG 31 Surgical Recovered [25]
F Yes None Neck Single Positive No Flucloxacillin, PCG No Recovered [26]
  1. M male; F female; ICU intensive care unit;– not recorded; → switch; 2nd cef second-generation cephalosporin; PCG benzylpenicillin; CTRX ceftriaxone; VCM vancomycin; CLDM clindamycin; CTX cefotaxime; metro, metronidazole; CEZ cefazolin; DM diabetes mellitus; IPF idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis