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Table 2 A representative sample of an E-program: “Basic radiophysics and radiotherapy for residents in oncology”

From: E-learning programs in oncology: a nationwide experience from 2005 to 2014

Educational Field  
Educational sub-field
Basic radiotherapy  
Basic radiophysics and radiotherapy for residents in oncology  
Modules arranged in themes
Radiation physics
 Radiation and atoms Radiation from radioactive decay and artificial radiation
 Interactions between radiation and materials Contrast, kV vs. MV
 Accelerators Equipment for radiation therapy with low energy X-rays
 The photon radiation field Measuring radiation doses
 Questions in radiological physics History of Radiotherapy
 Computed tomography in radiation therapy Course seminar no 1
Treatment planning and fractionation
 Biologically Effective Dose Target
 Immobilisation Aids Patient positioning
 External radiotherapy techniques Dose verification in clinical practice
 Treatment Planning Dose-volume histograms (DVH)
 History of ICRU and Radiotherapy PET in Radiotherapy
 Palliative Radiotherapy Introduction to brachytherapy
 Course seminar no 2  
 Gold Anchor Optimisation
 Late complications and RTOG-score Secondary cancers in radiotherapy
 Re-irradiation Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT)
 Proton treatment Radiation risks for personnel and the public
 Radiation protection for external radiation therapy Course seminar no 3
Duration: 9 month part-time, corresponding to 9 ECTS
2–3 groups/year
6 tutors/group
3–4 seminars/group
Example: Group nr. 28. Jan.–Sept. 2014
12 trainees: Lund 3, Stockholm 3, Kalmar 2, Göteborg 1, Jönköping 1, Sundsvall 1, Umeå 1
3 seminar days in March, May and Sept., 2014