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Table 5 Level of novel chemokine RANTES in cerebrospinal fluid of traumatic brain injury patients; and the expression of RANTES associated with cerebral contusion in TBI patients

From: RANTES levels in peripheral blood, CSF and contused brain tissue as a marker for outcome in traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients

Type of sample RANTES (ρg/ml) p value Post hoc p value
Plasma (n = 30) 971.39 (88.40–1931.13) 0.0001 Plasma versus CSF 0.0001
CSF (n = 10) 34.81 (5.43–226.80) Plasma versus contuse brain 0.003
Contused brain tissue (n = 5) 276.39 (8.47–895.25) CSF versus contused brain 0.03