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Table 1 MiM elective projects

From: Students helping students: vertical peer mentoring to enhance the medical school experience

MiM elective projects 2013–2014
Online blog highlighting details of different specialties
Comprehensive list of interest groups and volunteer activities
Wellness fair: educational session on work/life balance
Mock interview night: 4th years dress rehearsal for residency interviews with formal feedback from faculty
Third year survival guide: extensive electronic document with specific suggestions for each clerkship rotation
Post Veritas group meeting surveys: data compiled and distributed to faculty and MiMs for real time feedback and improvement
MS3 Bootcamp—surviving the clinical years: panel discussions for MS3s beginning their clinical rotations
Blackboard set up created for infrastructure of MiM elective
VSAS away rotation process presentation distributed to MS3s
MiM program oversight: 2 lead students to oversee the work of all the MiMs, communicate with faculty, create training modules
Scholarly write up: submit abstracts to regional and national meetings on MiM program
Career specialty social hour: monthly events with an opportunity for students to mingle with faculty and residents from a highlighted specialty in an informal setting
Interview of program directors for career specialty information
Financial informational session for students
Mentoring session for MS3s conducted at regional campus in Harlingen (RAHC)
Compile all MiM projects for a final presentation and to be passed on to future students