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Fig. 1

From: A loss of Pdxk model of Parkinson disease in Drosophila can be suppressed by Buffy

Fig. 1

The ribokinase/pyridoxal domain is evolutionarily conserved. A Clustal Omega multiple sequence alignment [33] of Drosophila melanogaster Pdxk with that of mammalian and insect homologues shows an evolutionarily conserved kinase domain (H. sapiens is Homo sapiens NP_003672.1, M. musculus is Mus musculus NP_742146.1, A. gambiae is Anopheles gambiae XP_315959.4, and D. melanogaster is Drosophila melanogaster NP_996031.1). The Drosophila transcript shows presence of motifs for NLS, a weak NES, MTS, and TM domains. Domains were identified using the NCBI Conserved Domain Database (CDD) [31] and the Eukaryotic Linear Motif resource [32]. Asterisk indicate the residues that are identical, colon indicate the conserved substitutions, dot indicate the semi-conserved substitutions. Colours show the chemical nature of amino acids. Red is small hydrophobic (including aromatic), blue is acidic, magenta is basic, and green is basic with hydroxyl or amine groups

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