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Table 1 Description of activities and the cost of intervention development and implementation in Rajbari District 2012–2014 and in Faridpur District 2013–2014, to reduce the risk of Nipah virus infection in Bangladesh

From: A large-scale behavior change intervention to prevent Nipah transmission in Bangladesh: components and costs

Activities Cost included
Intervention development /start-up cost
 Concept note and protocol development Staff cost—international and local experts
Cost of transportation
Cost of materials development, testing and production
Cost of venue for training the trainers
 Explore communication channels
 District-selection field visit
 NGOs selection
 Communications organization selection
 Intervention materials development
 Materials testing
 TV campaign production
 Materials revisions
 Training of trainers
Intervention implementation
 Production of print materials, stickers and sweatshirt Production cost
 Copies of TV materials DVD cost
 Training of NGO staff Cost of training (venue, per diem, food and transportation of trainees). For bana-making training session; cost of bamboo, bana-making trainer
 Opinion leaders and community meetings, placement of poster, gachhi meetings and incentive program Cost of NGO field implementation
 TV broadcasting Cost of cable operators
 TV monitoring Cost of monitoring tea stalls
 Intervention monitoring Cost of the monitoring team