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Table 1 Information from baseline questionnaire with Private Practitioners (n = 27)

From: Feasibility study of strengthening the public–private partnership for tuberculosis case detection in Bandung City, Indonesia

Solo practice 48%
Average length of time practicing in this clinic/location 10 years
Practicing medicine in another location 74%
Previously participated in a PPM project 7%
Monthly report of patients sent to CHC 63%
Follow-up contact with CHC staff in past year 22%
Average length of time for patient to get from PP clinic to CHC 12 min
Average number of patients with TB symptoms seen in the past year (range) 11 (0–150)
Average number of TB cases diagnosed in the past year (range) 6 (0–54)
Normal place of referral for sputum smear for patients with TB symptoms
 CHC 41%
 Laboratory (private or city health office laboratory) 26%
 Hospital 7%
 Other (public/government lung centre) 26%
Normal place of treatment for positive TB cases
 Own clinic 21%
 CHC 42%
 Hospital 8%
 Others (public/government lung centre) 29%
Correct answer given to the question: “Which TB signs and symptoms are the most important for investigation of TB?” 59%
  1. PPM public–private mix, PP private practitioner, CHC community health centre, TB tuberculosis