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Table 1 Bacillus subtilis strains used in this work

From: Revisiting the in vivo GlnR-binding sites at the genome scale in Bacillus subtilis

Strain Genotype Source
BSB1 trp + [32]
Bs005 glnR::glnR-spa erm This study
Bs013 perR::perR-spa erm This study
BSB21 ΔglnR::spc This study
BSB53 ΔtnrA::spc (Mirouze et al. [8])
BLUC85 PalsT′-luc cat (Mirouze et al. [8])
BLUC86 PalsT′-luc cat ΔtnrA::spc (Mirouze et al. [8])
BLUC302 PalsT′-luc cat ΔglnR::spc This study
BLUC313 PtnrA′-luc cat This study
BLUC314 PtnrA′-luc cat ΔglnR::spc This study
BLUC315 PtnrA′-luc cat glnR::glnR-spa erm This study