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TableĀ 1 Overview of sequenced samples

From: Rattus norvegicus BN/SHR liver and heart left ventricle ribosomal RNA depleted directional RNA sequencing

Description BioSample ID SRA ID
BN-03 liver SAMN04543787 SRS1884865
BN-03 heart left ventricle SAMN04543786 SRS1884868
BN-04 liver SAMN04543789 SRS1884867
BN-04 heart left ventricle SAMN04543788 SRS1884866
SHR-02 liver SAMN04543791 SRS1884869
SHR-02 heart left ventricle SAMN04543790 SRS1884870
SHR-03 liver SAMN04543793 SRS1884871
SHR-03 heart left ventricle SAMN04543792 SRS1884872