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Table 1 Focus group guide

From: Incorporating religion and spirituality into the design of community-based physical activity programs for African American women: a qualitative inquiry

Topic targeted Focus group question
Religion/spirituality 1. Some African American women say that incorporating spirituality or religion into a physical activity program can help motivate or encourage physical activity. How would this influence your desire or motivation for physical activity?
 a. How would this encourage you to be more physically active?
 b. How would this discourage you to be more physically active?
Religion/spirituality 2. If we were to incorporate religion or spirituality into a physical activity program, how would you like it incorporated?
 a. How would you feel about including short bible verses that relate to being physically active?
 b. How would you feel about having religious figures help deliver physical activity promotion messages?
  i. Who would these religious figures be?
   1. Formal leaders (Pastor, Sunday school teacher) or informal leaders (elders)?
 c. How would you feel about including inspirational quotes from religious leaders?
General question 3. Is there anything that we have not discussed today or anything else that you would like to share before we end the focus group for the day?