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Fig. 6

From: Method and key points for isolation of human amniotic epithelial cells with high yield, viability and purity

Fig. 6

The purity of isolated hAECs. a More than 95% of the isolated hAECs were positive for cytokeratin, the epithelial cell marker. b, c Less than 1% of isolated hAECs were positive for MSC markers CD90 (b) and CD105 (c). Gray shaded histogram: hAECs were stained with matched isotype control antibodies as negative controls (ac). Blue shaded histogram: MSCs were stained with anti-CD90 (b) and anti-CD105 (c) antibodies as positive controls. Black line: hAECs were stained with anti-cytokeratin (a), anti-CD90 (b) and anti-CD105 (c). The indicated results are representative of six independent experiments

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