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Table 1 Description of selected studies

From: Epidemiology of viral hepatitis in the Republic of Congo: review

Study Locality study Study main objective Type of population Sample size Infection prevalence n (%)
Atipo-Ibarra et al. [22] Area: Pointe-Noire, Niari, Bouenza
Design: Cross-sectional
To characterize the molecular profile of HIV in highly endemic areas of Congo Donors of blood 1363 HBsAg (9.9%)
Angounda et al. [19] Area: Pointe-Noire
Design: Prospective
To detect the patients at high risk of hepatitis disease progression Chronic HBV patients 111 HBeAg (15.3%)
Anti-HBe (73%)
Angounda et al. [19] Area: Pointe-Noire
Design: Prospective
To determine the prevalence markers and factors associated with HBV infection in blood donors Donors of blood 648 HBsAg 6.6%
HBeAg 1.1%
Anti-HBe 8.2%
Anti-HBs 13.6%
Anti-HBc 62.7%
Alidjinou et al. [48] Area: Pointe-Noire
Design: Prospective
To investigate HCV and HIV co-infection among asymptomatic and treatment-naïve blood donors in Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo Donors of blood 7785 366 (4.7%)
Atipo-Ibara. et al. [21] Area: Pointe-Noire and Brazzaville
Design: Coss-sectional
To identify the genotypes of the hepatitis C virus in Congo Donors of blood 17,351  
Bossali et al. [81] Area: Pointe-Noire
Design: Cross-sectional, descriptive and analytical
To estimate the prevalence of co-infection of hepatitis B and C viruses with HIV among parous women in Pointe-Noire New mothers 302 9.6% VHB
6% VHC
Taty-Taty et al. [80] Area: Brazzaville
Design: Cross-sectional, descriptive
To determine the prevalence of chronic carriage of HBsAg and anti-HBc in Brazzaville General population Undefined AgHBs (7.3%)
Anti-HBc (67.21%)
Bossali et al. [82] Area: Brazzaville Design: Multicenter study-retrospective and descriptive To define the place of infection by hepatitis B in the etiology of cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma diagnosed in Pointe-Noire Patients received for cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma, who had undergone the search for HBsAg 3276 63% AgHBs
Makuwa et al. [83] Area: Brazzaville
Design: Longitudinal
To know the significant links between the presence of markers of hepatitis B and that of HIV infection People attended by the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Hospital Center of Makélékélé 334 Ag HBs (8.5)
Ag HBe (4.2)
Anti-HBe (4.2)
Anti HBc (93.6)
Dokekias et al. [49] Area: Brazzaville
Design: Prospective
To evaluate the seroprevalence of anti-HCV antibodies in poly transfused subjects Multitransfused patients: and control cases 132 multitransfused patients and 120 control cases AcHCV: 26 out of 132 (19.7%) and control cases 9 out of 120 (7.5%)
Cantaloube et al. [23] Area: Brazzaville
Design: Cross-sectional
To carry out among the Bantu and Pygmy populations was (i) to determine the seroprevalence and viremia of HCV 887 donors identified 50 5.6% as seropositive for HCV [subgroups: Ngala (~ 12%); Teke (3.6%); Kongo (5.6%); Pygmies (3.8%)]