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Table 1 Survey questions and responses by first-year residents regarding Junior Rounds

From: Junior Rounds: an educational initiative to improve role transitions for junior residents

Question Responses—No. (%)
I am currently a PGY-1 in Internal Medicine
Training Program other than internal medicine
26 (59%)
18 (41%)
The topics presented at Junior Rounds reflected my learning needs Strongly agree—34 (77) Somewhat agree—9 (20) Neutral—1 (2) Somewhat disagree—0 Strongly disagree—0
Junior Rounds were presented at an appropriate level for my learning needs Strongly agree—36 (80) Somewhat agree—7 (16) Neutral—2 (4) Somewhat disagree—0 Strongly disagree—0
I have applied the knowledge learned at Junior Rounds to the care of my patients on this rotation Strongly agree—31 (69) Somewhat agree—10 (22) Neutral—4 (9) Somewhat disagree—0 Strongly disagree—0
I have referred to the “handouts” from Junior Rounds following the session(s) Strongly agree—16 (36) Somewhat agree—12 (27) Neutral—13 (30) Somewhat disagree—3 (7) Strongly disagree—0
Junior Rounds were an important component to my learning on the Clinical Teaching Unit Strongly agree—26 (58) Somewhat agree—17 (38) Neutral—1 (2) Somewhat disagree—1 (2) Strongly disagree—0
In relation to other scheduled educational rounds on the Clinical Teaching Unit, Junior Rounds have been More important to my learning—27 (60) As important to my learning—18 (40) Less important to my learning—0   
  1. Numerical values following each response reflect the number with the percent of total in brackets. All survey responses received during the 2015—2016 academic year are included in this table