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Fig. 3

From: Divergent susceptibilities to AAV-SaCas9-gRNA vector-mediated genome-editing in a single-cell-derived cell population

Fig. 3

Three off-target deletions identified by exome-sequencing were shown. GFP#F cells were treated by AAV-Cas9-GFP2 vector at high dose (MOI = 2 × 104 gc, × 1), AAV-Cas9-GFP2 vector at low dose four times (MOI = 8 × 102 gc, × 4) or AAV-Cas9-GFP1 vector at high doses three times (MOI = 2 × 104 gc, × 3) to get 70% GFP knockout. Total DNA samples from the three samples, along with DNA sample from uninfected control cells, were analyzed by exome-sequencing to identify off-targeted genome editing sites

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