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Table 1 Content and sequence of the test procedure for isokinetic tests of the knee flexors/extensors and shoulder rotators

From: Intrarater reliability of the Humac NORM isokinetic dynamometer for strength measurements of the knee and shoulder muscles

Knee flexors/extensors Shoulder internal/external rotators
Concentric—concentric; 60°/s; 3 repetitionsa Concentric—concentric; 60°/s; 3 repetitionsa
Concentric—concentric; 180°; 5 repetitionsa Concentric—concentric; 120°/s; 5 repetitionsa
Concentric—eccentric extensors; 60°/s; 5 repetitionsa Concentric—eccentric external rotators; 60°/s; 5 repetitionsa
Concentric—eccentric flexors; 60°/s; 5 repetitionsb Concentric—eccentric external rotators; 120°/s; 5 repetitions
  1. aAfter each test, a 2 min rest interval was offered
  2. bBetween the knee and shoulder tests, a 5 min rest interval was offered, followed by warming-up