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Table 2 Topic guide used for health professional consultation

From: Where to from here? A quality improvement project investigating burns treatment and rehabilitation practices in India

1. Does your facility/professional group have an overarching rehabilitation plan/strategy? If yes, please briefly describe
2. How is it determined in which practice setting (inpatient, outpatient, at home) a patient will receive rehabilitation care? e.g. admission criteria
3. What objective assessment of rehabilitation potential occurs before a patient is accepted into the service? e.g. physician assessment, use of tools like FIM, therapist assessment
4. What are the enablers and/or barriers associated with patient flow across the continuum of care? What are the enablers and/or barriers specifically associated with rehabilitation care at admission, whilst in hospital, or post discharge? e.g. workforce shortages, defined clinical pathways, patient resource limitations
5. Are there objective measures regarding how much rehabilitation a patient should receive, or when to stop providing care? e.g. discharge criteria, defined funding eligibility limits
6. Approximately what proportion of the health system’s rehabilitation care occurs in inpatient vs. outpatient vs. at home?
7. Who makes up the rehabilitation team at your hospital? e.g. dietician, physiotherapist, psychologist
8. Are there usual patterns of treatment frequency, intensity, and duration? If so, can you describe these? e.g. a patient in inpatient rehabilitation would be seen twice daily for an hour each until able to be seen in outpatient
9. How does a patient move from one practice setting to another, for example from inpatient to outpatient? Is this based on functional measures, based on funding or based on access?
10. What are the key rehabilitation issues you identify in burns survivors? This can range from prevention and first aid through to rehabilitation