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Table 1 Answer summary for Q3 section of the questionnaire; Pre- and Post-PGT questions, designed to measure the perceived levels of health and future disease risk

From: Effectiveness of personal genomic testing for disease-prevention behavior when combined with careful consultation with a physician: a preliminary study

Q3 Mean score before PGTa Mean score after PGTa Paired T test
1. If you become sick in 10 years’ time, how long do you think it would last? 4.75 4.65 NS
2. If you become sick in 10 years’ time, how much do you think it affects you and your family? 5.8 5.1 NS
3. If you become sick in 10 years’ time, how well do you think you could control your illness? 5.75 7.1 P < 0.01
4. How well does your lifestyle and life attitude help prevention of the diseases you might get in 10 years’ time? 4.75 6.4 P < 0.05
5. How well do you think you understand the diseases you might suffer from in the future? 5.65 8.1 P < 0.01
6. How much emotional distress (such as anger, fear, anxiety, depression) would you feel when you think that you may be ill in 10 years’ time? 3.55 3.75 NS
  1. NS not significant
  2. a The scores are distributed from 0 to 10