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Table 1 Responses of doctors (n-123) regarding melanoma awareness

From: Knowledge, attitudes and skills in melanoma diagnosis among doctors: a cross sectional study from Sri Lanka

Question Truea False Don’t know
The radial growth phase may not be evident in some melanomas 52.8 3.3 43.9
Melanoma is the most serious skin cancer 58.5 19.5 22
The incidence of melanoma is rising 71.3 22.1 6.6
Some melanomas can be amelanotic melanoma 69.9 0 30.1
Some melanomas can occur on the palms, soles and subungual areas 62.6 12.2 25.2
Melanoma can develop from the mucosal epithelium that lines the respiratory, gastrointestinal and genitourinary tracts 48.0 13.8 38.2
If detected early, melanoma can be cured with surgical excision 85.4 0.8 13.8
Dermoscope allows visualization of the skin structures in the epidermis, dermo-epidermal junction and the upper dermis 25.2 8.1 66.7
The diagnosis of melanoma is confirmed by excision biopsy 68.3 10.6 21.1
An elevated LDH at diagnosis or at follow up visit may indicate distant metastasis 34.1 7.3 58.6
  1. a The correct response to all questions is “True”