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Table 2 M. tuberculosis strains resistant to hexapeptide inhibitor compounds

From: Identification of cyclic hexapeptides natural products with inhibitory potency against Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Strain Compound MIC99 (µM)
WT MSD-045 1.6
LP-0458690-RM1 MSD-045 13
LP-0458690-RM2 MSD-045 25
LP-0458690-RM3 MSD-045 25
LP-0458690-RM4 MSD-045 25
LP-0458690-RM5 MSD-045 25
LP-0458690-RM6 MSD-045 25
WT MSD-099 0.8
LP-0458686-RM1 MSD-099 3.1
LP-0458686-RM2 MSD-099 3.1
LP-0458686-RM3 MSD-099 3.1
  1. MIC99 were determined against M. tuberculosis resistant isolates on solid medium after 3–4 weeks. MIC99 was determined by the serial proportion method and defined as the minimum concentration required to prevent 99% growth [13]