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Table 2 The outcome of the categorization of the 206 statements about sleep experiences

From: Conceptions of sleep experience: a layman perspective

Themes Description Example #statements
Next day state Includes statements about the state of well-being directly after waking up and daytime functioning After a good night’s sleep: I feel fit and energized, and looking forward to the day 51
Interruptions during the night Contains statements about waking up through the night either induced by internal causes (toilet visits) or external causes (noise). Also includes the positive stated statements, such as sleeping through the night A good night’s sleep is: minimizing the number of awakenings during the night 41
Before bed state Involves statements about mental and physical well-being before going to bed What most affected my sleep was: stress 39
Sleep characteristics Contains the other sleep parameters such as sleep onset latency, deep sleep and sleep duration I feel best when: I have slept 8 h 18
Bedroom environment This theme is about all the objects in the bedroom (for instance, bed, mattress, pillow etc.) and the light and temperature in the bedroom What my sleep interrupts is: too much light through the window 13
Thoughts about sleep Statements about how they perceive sleep and the function of sleep I experience my sleep: as important 12
Routine Contains statements about bedtime routines such as listening to music or drinking habits before bedtime Before bedtime: I would like to read a book 11
Alarm clock Statements that include either waking up with or without an alarm clock I cannot fall asleep without: first setting the alarm clock 5
Other This theme contains all the other statements which do not belong to the other themes My sleep is poor when: I dream a lot 16