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Table 1 Neighbourhood characteristics

From: Researching health in diverse neighbourhoods: critical reflection on the use of a community research model in Uppsala, Sweden

  Uppsala Neighbourhood 1 (Gottsunda) Neighbourhood 2 (Sävja)
Location 67 km north of Stockholm 7 km south west of city centre 6 km south east of the city centre
Population in 2016 214 559 10 198 6519
People with a foreign background 52,649 (24%) 5568 (54.5%) 2188 (29.7%)
Total average annual earningsa in 2015b, thousand Swedish crowns 327.7 226 290
Unemployment rate in 2016 (16–64 years) 5.5% 8.6% 5.3%
Sick daysc in 2015 22.3 35.6 29.6
  1. aAverage earnings is the sum of income from employment and business. Consists of the total current taxable income from employment, entrepreneurship, pension, sickness benefit and other taxable transfers. Does not include income from capital
  2. bNo statistics exist for 2016
  3. cSick days is the Swedish Social Insurance Agency’s measure of the number of days of absence from work compensated by sickness benefit during a 12-month period