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Table 2 Pearson correlation coefficient matrix between concentrations of total aflatoxin, total ochratoxin and DON in sampled grains and cases of NS in Kitgum and Lamwo districts, Uganda

From: Is nodding syndrome in northern Uganda linked to consumption of mycotoxin contaminated food grains?

  Total aflatoxin Total ochratoxin DON Household with children with NS cases
Total aflatoxin
 Total ochratoxin − 0.419 (< 0.001)    
 DON − 0.171 (0.12) − 0.064 (0.57)   
 Household with children with NS cases 0.110 (0.32) 0.044 (0.69) 0.124 (0.26)  
  1. Correlation coefficient r values are indicated (p-values in brackets)