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Fig. 2

From: Detection of virus-specific polymeric immunoglobulin A in acute hepatitis A, C, E virus serum samples using novel chimeric secretory component

Fig. 2

Virus-specific pIgA for serodiagnosis of acute HEV and HAV infection. Scatterplots a show anti-HEV and anti-HAV dIgA compared to IgM reactivity detectable in acute and uninfected samples. Graph b illustrates the much higher S/Co ratio of dIgA compared to IgM in discriminating acute from uninfected samples, while graph c shows anti-HEV dIgA versus anti-HEV IgM in acute samples before and after IgM-depletion, providing evidence that the high reactivity observed for dIgA were not due to cSC cross-reactivity to IgM. Note: Unpaired and paired comparisons conducted using Mann–Whitney U and Wilcoxon test respectively, two-tailed. Asterisks indicate statistical significance of < 0.05 (*), < 0.01 (**), < 0.001 (***), and < 0.0001 (****) and error bars represent SD calculated in GraphPad Prism. S/Co calculated using two SD from mean of uninfected samples

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