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Fig. 3

From: Detection of virus-specific polymeric immunoglobulin A in acute hepatitis A, C, E virus serum samples using novel chimeric secretory component

Fig. 3

HCV serological profile over time. a Graphs of anti-HCV antibodies compared to viral RNA or ALT over time in two seroconversion panels demonstrate that dIgA may have a different profile compared to IgA (panel 901) and it disappears even in ongoing infection (panel 400062). b Scatterplots of anti-HCV reactivity in seroconversion panels show that unlike anti-HCV IgG and IgM, anti-HCV pIgA (and to some degree anti-HCV IgA) to be statistically significantly higher in early acute phase (0–4 weeks since 1st bleed) compared to chronically infected patients. Note: Unpaired comparisons between each acute phase/early incident timepoint and chronic samples conducted using Mann–Whitney U, two tailed with Bonferonni adjustment in GraphPad Prism

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