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Fig. 3

From: A conditional Pax6 depletion study with no morphological effect on the adult mouse corneal epithelium

Fig. 3

Histology and immunohistochemistry of CAG-CreERTg/−;Pax6fl/+ tissues after a 12 week chase period. ad H&E stained sections of whole eyes (a, b) and central cornea (c, d) of corn oil treated controls and tamoxifen treated CAG-CreERTg/−;Pax6fl/+ mice, 12 weeks after treatment. eh Immunostained sections (brown DAB endpoint) for Pax6 (e, f) and keratin 12 (g, h) 12 weeks after treatment. Scale bars: a (for a, b) = 500 μm; c (for c, d), e (for e, f) and g (for g, h) = 50 µm. CO corn oil treatment, Tx tamoxifen treatment

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