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Table 1 Mitogen stimulation in marsupials

From: Limitations in the isolation and stimulation of splenic mononuclear cells in a dasyurid marsupial, Phascogale calura

Species Tissue or cell type Cell stimulant Application Refs.
Dendrolagus matschiei Whole blood PHA, ConA, PWM [3H]-thymidine [8]
Didelphis virginiana Blood leukocytes PHA, ConA, PWM [3H]-thymidine [13]
Macropus eugenii PBMC, spleen MC and LNMC PHA [3H]-thymidine and MTT [25]
LNMC PHA, ConA RNA extraction [26, 27]
PBMC, LNMC Zimosan, PHA, LPS, PWM RNA extraction [28,29,30,31]
Monodelphis domestica PBMC ConA, PHA, PWM [3H]-thymidine [32]
Whole blood, spleen, LN, thymus, peritoneal M\(\upphi\), skin PHA, ConA, PWM, LPS [3H]-thymidine [33, 34]
Whole blood ConA [3H]-thymidine [6]
Onychogalea fraenata Spleen MC PHA RNA extraction [31]
Perameles gunnii PBMC ConA, PHA, PWM, LPS [3H]-thymidine [35]
Phascolarctos cinereus Whole blood, PBMC PHA and ConA, PWM, LL, jacalin, PA and LPS [3H]-thymidine [9]
PBMC Ionomycin, PMA Flow cytometry [36]
PBMC PMA and ionomycin, PMA and PHA, ConA RNA extraction [37, 38]
PBMC PMA and ionomycin, C. pecorum RNA extraction [39,40,41]
Sarcophilus harrisii PBMC ConA, PHA, PWM, LPS [3H]-thymidine [35, 42]
PBMC Poly(I:C), LPS, flagellin, imiquimod, CpG, profiling RNA extraction [43]
Setonix brachyurus PBMC PHA [3H]-thymidine [44]
Blood leukocytes, spleen, thymus, LN PHA, ConA, PWM [3H]-thymidine [45,46,47]
Trichosurus caninus PBMC Ionomycin, PMA Flow cytometry [36]
Trichosurus vulpecula Spleen PHA [3H]-thymidine [3, 4]
PBMC PHA [3H]-thymidine [48]
PBMC, spleen, AM M. bovis, LPS, LAM [3H]-thymidine, RNA extraction [49,50,51]
PBMC Ionomycin, PMA Flow cytometry [36]
PBMC, spleen MC, LNMC ConA [3H]-thymidine, RNA extraction [52]
  1. AM alveolar macrophages, ConA concanavalin A, CpG CpG oligodeoxynucleotide, LL lentil lectin, LN lymph nodes, LNMC lymph node mononuclear cells, LPS lipopolysaccharides, Mϕ macrophages, MC mononuclear cells, PA protein A, PBMC peripheral blood mononuclear cells, PHA phytohemaglutinin, PMA phorbol myristate acetate, PWM pokeweed mitogen